Day 65: Current Conversations

In honor of it being my favorite month of the year, I would like to focus on a few articles that have caught my attention in the media this week. The first story comes from the Bowling Green Daily News (South Central Kentucky).

The article, Sold for Sex at 5 Years Old is about 35 year-old, Margeaux Gray, her life as a victim of trafficking and what she and the State of Kentucky are currently doing to stop trafficking.  

The story reports that Ms. Gray was first trafficked at the age of 5 by a trusted individual and did not leave the life until she was 18. She never brought charges against her trafficker, as she states she "was extremely fearful." She is now speaking out and educating the public about human trafficking. 

I'm happy to hear Ms. Gray is doing well and has turned her bad situation into a positive one. While I believe the reporter did her due diligence before reporting this article, I would like to say that not every story you read in the news about a trafficking survivor may be true. Always be cautious of what you read and question your source and the individual telling the story. As human trafficking gains more media attention, there will be people that try to take advantage of the situation.

Happy Monday!