Day 86: Connecting the Dots

Today, I'm taking us to a lovely destination known as Canada. Canada is home to hockey, French speaking natives, cold, and beautiful landscapes.  What many do not know, is it is also home to a large number of Aboriginal women and girls. Recently, an increase in missing and/or murdered Aboriginal females has occurred, and Canada has refused to inquire further about what may be taking place to these women. However, in a newly published report, the Public Safety Canada "sheds light on how many women and girls are forced into the sex trade by pimps acting as boyfriends, small, loosely defined gangs and even members of their own families." These women are easy prey because many of them have addictions, mental health issues, and/or are suffering from poverty! Hopefully with the release of this new report, Canada will begin asking questions and will start working on a strategy to eliminate this crisis.