Day 5: Numbers

How many children are trafficked per year, in the United States? How many people (children and adults) are trafficked in the United States each year? How many human beings are trafficking per year, in the world? 

These are all great questions, but no one knows the exact number.  Trafficking is a type of industry that is not licensed, registered, or taxed. It occurs on street corners, in hotels, cars, homes, online, and other places unbeknownst to many.  Therefore, the number of trafficking victims is unknown.  There are statistics, but they are estimates. Some victims do not identify as 'victims' and some may never report their trafficking experience, which makes it difficult to obtain actual statistics.  

While a number may be a number to some, it is extremely important to others. As trafficking gains more attention, hopefully there will be more discussions that lead to a way to collect and analyzed human trafficking statistics.