Day 33: We've Got Males

I read an article this morning about a young man finally feeling safe after being forced by traffickers to work. The article was intriguing because for the first time in a long time, the trafficking victim was not a female, but a male.  

We often hear about sex trafficking and female workers, and forget to discuss labor trafficking and the fact that we have males being trafficked as well. Tomas Miko's story starts off like most stories; he was promised a job making a certain amount of money per month in another country and he agreed to this opportunity because he was not able to find work in his own country.  Unfortunately, the construction job was never an option for Tomas Miko. He was taken to Canada under fraudulent terms and forced to work 14-16 hour days with no pay. He is safe now and that is important. 

We must not forget that Tomas Miko's story is just one. There are more characters that need to be found, put in safe environments, and given the opportunity to tell their story in order to arrest and convict their traffickers.