Day 18: A is for Automatic. B is for Bottom Girl

Everyone knows the alphabet. Sometimes the alphabet can be told through song. Sometimes you look for each letter on license plates. Today, I found myself telling a group of lovely mini-humans "A is for Apple, B is for Bear, C is for Cat," and so forth. I found myself contemplating what the Alphabet would sound like if Sex Trafficking Terminology were used. I came home and made a list and thought I would share it. Some of the terminology you will know and some you will not; I will discuss them in other posts. 

Here were go!

A. Automatic     B. Bottom Girl or Brothel     C. Caught a Case     D. Daddy

E. Escort           F. Floozy                              G. Gorilla Pimp         H. Hooker or Hoe

I. ?                    J. Johns                                K. Kiddie Stroll          L. Lot Lizzard

M. Madame     N. ?                                       O. Out of Pocket       P. Pimp or Prostitute

Q. Quota          R. Rodeo Pimp                     S. Seasoning            T. Turn Out 

U. ?                  V. Vamp                               W. Whore                  X. ?

Y. ?                  Z. ?