Day 15: #bringbackourgirls

Yesterday evening a friend texted me and asked me what the #bringbackourgirls campaign was about? What happened to the girls? Why the girls were taken and did any of them escape?

All good questions! I only knew the answer to some of the questions, which led to researching the topic further. Below you will find the answers the questions.

1. What is the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign

     On 4/15/14, Boko Haram, a Muslim Extremist group, kidnapped a little over 300 girls from a      

     school in Nigeria. The girls ranged from 15 to 18 years of age. The Bring Back Our Girls

     Campaign was started for many reasons, one of which is to put pressure on the Nigerian 

     Government to locate the girls and return them to their families. 

2. What happened to the girls? 

     The girls were kidnapped from their school. There are reports that the girls have been

     moved to other countries and/or are being sold to the soldiers. 

3. Why were the girls taken?

     Boko Haram is anti-Westernization and does not believe in educating females. 

4. Have any of the girls escaped?

     Reportedly 53 girls escaped, but 223 are still missing.