Day 127: Ai WeiWei and Human Trafficking

Today, I traveled to Alcatraz to visit the Ai WeiWei @Large Exhibit. If you don't know who Ai WeiWei is, I highly recommend you learn about him at You are probably wondering what the two have in common. As I walked through the exhibit, each installation stood for freedom, justice, frustration, peace, and much more. While I was viewing each piece, I couldn't help but think about all of the victims of trafficking who are not free, who live in fear, and those who will never know peace again. Much like Ai WeiWei, victims of trafficking are not free. Ai once tasted freedom, and may again one day.

How many victims will become survivors and will have the chance to taste freedom? This is unknown, but each day I will continue to fight for those who can not speak for themselves. What are you doing to combat human trafficking?