Day 203: Voices for the Voiceless: City of Oakland Mini Rallies Against HT

Date: Jan. 17, 2015

Time: 12-3pm

Location: The main Kick-off Rally with guest speakers at the Fruitvale Public Market Area, 3301 East 12th St. and International Blvd. Mini rallies at different locations on International Blvd. in the City of Oakland.

Description: MISSSEY and other community members and agencies are coming together to take a stand against the sexual exploitation of young people and the domestic sex trafficking of minors in the Bay Area. 

Day 201: Webinar: Immigration Relief for Victims of HT & Other Serious Crimes

Date: Jan. 15, 2015

Time: 10am-11:30am

Location: By web/phone

Description: U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) invites you to participate in a webinar training session. Subject matter experts from the USCIS Vermont Service Center and Office of Policy and STrategy will provide an overview of the T and U visas as well as the Violence Against Women Act. 

Day 199: HT in the Bay Area & How You Can Make a Difference to Survivors

Date: Jan. 13, 2015

Time: 12-1:30pm 

Location: 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA

Cost: $15 for Women Lawyers Section Members & $25 for non-members

Description: There will be a brief introduction about anti-human trafficking efforts in San Mateo County by District Attorney Stephen M. Wagstaffe and Deputy County Manager Michael Callagy, followed by presentations by the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking (SBCEHT) highlighting the California and Federal laws that provide survivors of human trafficking rights, protections, and remedies. 

Day 198: Opening Ceremony

I am happy to announce a campaign I am very much taking part in.  Today is the Opening Ceremony for the 5th Annual month long Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign in San Francisco, CA. I will be posting events taking place in the SF area throughout the month, as they are announced. 

If you live in the SF area, please join us at one of the events. 


Day 197: Human Trafficking Poetry

A poem by AMP YOUTH. 

I ran from the unloving family, the abusive home
Running wherever my feet would take me, wherever they would go
I was broken, misunderstood, jaded, lost, unloved, heart tainted
Then you came along cherishing me, treating me right
I finally felt loved, my future looked bright
We left one day, picked up and went far, far away and then soon came that dreadful day
When you violated me, raped me, told me I was yours
You started beating me daily, started locking the doors, 
You told me I owed you, you owned me, I must sell my body for sex, 
Molesting my very being, all because of you
A different man every night, inside me, my dreams, my nightmares, 
My innocence taken, my world turned upside down…shaken to my core
I knew I’d never be free of the hell you put me through
Too scared to sleep…the fright!  Too scared to run…too scared to leave
Because I knew if I did you’d come looking and catch me
You looked right through me, never saw me as a person
I hope it bothered you…cuz I was only 13
Just one question….Are you even sorry?
Will you ever feel remorse for the pain you’ve caused me?


Every morning I wake up and hate who I see
I’m discussed with the things I’ve done
The person you’ve made me be
Every day I endured the torture another man put me through
It’s safe inside my head, that’s where I run to 
I’m frightened, incoherent….told to listen and obey
Will I live to see tomorrow, will I get to eat today?
God please help me!…Why are my prayers unanswered?
Are there too many cries for help or am I not worth saving?


Can’t stay here to live in fear….I’m old enough to live on my own
Decide to run, family don’t treat me right
My step dad creeps into my bed at night
Can’t stay here to live in fear….I’m old enough to live on my own
Living with friends then on the street
No place to call home….no food to eat
Can’t stay here to live in fear….I’m old enough to live on my own
Answering an ad….becoming one of many girls
Sold to the highest bidder…no more innocence or curls
Can’t stay here to live in fear….I’m old enough to live on my own
Broken, beaten, addicted and lost
Just a shell of a person who dreams of escape at any cost
Didn’t stay here, rescued from fear….too young to live on my own